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North Bay Cutting Tools

is an independent supply house stocking the basic cutting tools that a machine shop uses every day. Drills, taps, end mills, reamers, and indexable tooling are what keeps us going. We know the tools we stock and we stock to suit our customer's needs.

A partial list of the tools we stock here in Petaluma, Sonoma County, California:

Drill Bits ~ HSS, HSCO, Carbide in Screw Machine or Stub and Jobber Lengths ~ Carbide Circuit Board Drills ~ HSCO and Carbide Spotting Drills ~ HSS, HSCO and Carbide Combined Drill and Countersinks ~ Single Flute and Multiple Flute Countersinks ~ Silver & Deming Style Reduced Shank Drills ~ T-A Style Spade Drill Bodies and T-A Style Coated Inserts

Reamers ~ HSS and Carbide Chucking Reamers in Standard Sizes as Well as Specials

Taps ~ HSS and Premium Steel ~ ANSI and DIN Length ~ Spiral Point Plug and Bottom Taps ~ Spiral Flute Bottom Taps ~ Thread Forming Taps ~ Material Specific Taps Supplied with TiN, TiCN, and TiAlN Coatings

End Mills ~ HSS, HSCO, and Carbide ~ Roughing End Mills ~ Standard Helix End Mills Uncoated and Supplied with TiN, TiCN, TiAlN, and AlTiN Coatings ~ Material Specific Carbide End Mills for High Speed Machining of Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Titanium, and Other Tough Alloys ~ Chamfer Mills ~ Drill Mills ~ Corner Rounding End mills ~ Corner Radius End Mills ~ Miniature End Mills ~ Ball End Mills ~ Thread Milling Cutters ~ Single and Double Angle Mills ~ Keyseat Cutters ~ Tapered End Mills ~ Indexable Milling Tools

Solid Carbide Lathe Tools ~ Boring Tools (.050"-.500" Minimum Bore Including Many Sizes TiN and TiAlN Coated) ~ Threading Tools ~ Grooving Tools ~ Profile Tools ~ Chamfer Tools

Carbide Tipped Lathe Tools ~ Turning Tools ~ Threading Tools ~ Chamfer Tools ~ Cutoff Tools

Indexable Lathe Tooling ~ Turning Tools ~ Boring Bars ~ Top Notch and Cut-Grip Style Grooving Tools ~ Self-Grip Style Part Off Tools

Indexable inserts ~ Turning and Boring Ansi & ISO Standard Inserts CNMG, CNMP, CNGP, CNGG, DNMG, DNMP, DNGG, DNGP, VNMG,VNMP, VNGG, VNGP, CPGT, CPMT, CCGT, CCMT, DCMT, DCGT, DPMT, DPGT, VCMT, VCGT, VPMT, VPGT, TPMT, TPGT, TPGH, CDCD, CDCG, TDEB, TDAB ~ Grooving Inserts ~ Top Notch Style Grooving and Threading Inserts ~ NG, NGP, NGD, NR, NF, NT, NTP 2 Series Left Hand and 3 Series Left and Right Hand With and Without Chip Control ~ GFN, GFR Self Grip Style Part Off Inserts ~ GIM, GIMY, GIPY, GIF, GIP, GIPI, GMP Cut Grip Style Grooving Inserts ~ Laydown Threading Inserts (06IR, 08IR, 11IR,2IR, 16IR, 3IR, 3JIR, 16IRM, 16ER, 16ERM, 3ER, and 3JER sizes) in Partial Profile and Full Form(Topping) UN and ISO Pitches ~ Milling Inserts (10mm APCR, APCT, APKT, APKR; 15mm ADCR, ADCT, ADKT, ADKR; 1/2" IC SEA, SEAN, SEK, SEKN, SEKR; 5/8" IC SEEB, OEEB, REEB, and more) ~ T-A Style Coated Drill Inserts

Toolholding ~ ER Collets and Collet Chucks (ER 11, ER 16, ER 20, ER 25, ER 32, ER 40), 5C Collets, R8 Collets, 3J Collets, 16C Collets, Toolholder Bushings

Workholding ~ Kitagawa Style Steel and Aluminum Chuck Jaws ~ Steel and Aluminum Vise Jaws for Kurt Style Vises ~ Studs ~ Flange Nuts ~ Clamps, Step Blocks, Coupling Nuts, T-Nuts

Abrasives ~ Wet or Dry Sheets ~ Shop Rolls ~ Belts ~ Nonwoven Hand Pads, Deburring Discs, Rolls, and Convolute Wheels

Deburring Tools ~ Rout-a-Burr Blades and Holders ~ Fine Deburring Tools (Pizza Cutters)