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Quality Brands

A partial list of the fine cutting tool companies we are proud to represent and the products that they manufacture :
Fullerton Tool Company - Carbide end mills, carbide chamfer mills, carbide and carbide tipped reamers, carbide drills, carbide corner rounding tools, carbide and carbide tipped keyseat cutters, carbide countersinks, and carbide burrs. We stock their standard end mills as well as their high performance material specific end mills.
Morse Cutting Tools - Full line HSS, cobalt, carbide tipped, and carbide tools - drills, reamers, taps, end mills, countersinks, and counterbores, carbide thread mills. We're big on their thread mill line, great tools and very competitivly priced. We also like their high perfomance and DIN length taps.
Wedevag Tools - HSCO drills, HSCO and carbide spotting drills. We are heavy on their spotting drills and their 2X TiN screw machine length drills.
HTC/Quinco Tool Products - HSS, cobalt and carbide end mills, tapered end mills. We stock their fine pitch roughers in TiAlN and TiCN coatings 1/4" to 1" in as many lengths as we can.
Keo Milling Cutters - Shank-Type Cutters, Milling Cutters, plain and Shell Mills, Slitting Saws

Keo - Combined Drill and Countersinks, Spotting Drills, Countersinks and Counterbores, Keyseat Cutters, Dovetail Cutters, T-slot Milling Cutters

Richards Micro-Tool - Miniature End Mills, Micro Drills, Specialty Cutting Tools

Promax Tools LP - carbide end mills- carbide corner rounding tools, carbide chamfer & spotting tools, and carbide tapered end mills
Design-Rite XL - Carbide end mills, carbide drills, carbide corner rounding tools, and carbide chamfer & spotting tools
Internal Tool, Inc. - Carbide boring, grooving, and threading tools, Indexable boring, threading and grooving tools, too many tools to mention, see their online catalog. We stock heavy on solid carbide grooving , threading, and boring tools 1/2" minimum bore down to .050 minimum bore.
Carmex Precision Tools - Indexable laydown threading, indexable thread milling, solid carbide threading, grooving, and thread milling tools. We stock 06IR, 08IR, 11(2)IR, 16(3)IR, and 16(3)ER laydown inserts in partial profile and many full profile pitches both UN and ISO.
Tri-angle Precision Reamers - HSS and cobalt chucking reamers
Ultra-Dex USA - Indexable boring bars and milling cutters, straight shank and CAT40 collet chucks
Microcut - Miniature carbide tools, diamond coated tools
Dorian Tool International - Indexable tooling, rotary tooling, and machine tool accessories
Destiny Tool - Viper, Raptor and Diamond Back carbide end mills, carbide chamfer tools, and carbide dovetail cutters
Moon Cutter Company - HSS, cobalt, and carbide tipped saws, milling cutters, and keyseat cutters
Lexington Cutter, Inc. - Carbide tipped saws, end mills, reamers, drills, and keyseat cutters
Conical Tool Company - HSS, cobalt, and carbide tapered end mills
Haimer USA - Taper Toolholders, Collets, Balancing Systems, Shrink Fit Systems
Techniks Tooling Systems - CAT and BT taper toolholders, collets, tapping tools, and boring tools
Centaur Precision Tools - CAT and BT taper toolholders, straight shank collet chucks, VDI toolholders, and tapping systems
Royal Products - Live Centers, Collet Chucks, Collet Closers, Collets, Bar Pullers, Deburring Tools
Fisher Machine Products - Micro Edge Finders, Micro Center Finders, V-Blocks and Clamps, Micro Sine Bars, Micro Magnetic Chuck Parallels, Pee Dee Thread Measuring Wires - All MADE IN USA
Global CNC Industries - Toolholder bushings, collet chucks, VDI toolholders, toolholder blocks, and driven VDI toolholders
Lockwood Products - Loc-line ball and socket adjustable modular hose systems
Bondhus Corporation - standard and ball end hex tools, star(torx style) tools,
Superior Abrasives - abrasive sheets, belts and rolls, nonwoven hand pads, rolls, and convolute wheels
Accu-Gage & Thread Grinding Co. - thread plug gages, ring gages, standard, left hand, metric, pre-plate, multi-lead, and S.T.I.
Corman Supplies - toolholders, boring bars, and toolholder hardware

Hassay Savage Company - standard broaches, keyway broaches, rotary punch broaches
Inserts and Kits - thread repair kits, packaged and bulk helically coiled inserts, S.T.I. taps, S.T.I. thread plug gages, installation tools, extracting tools, tang break-off tools
National Diamond Laboratory - industrial diamond tooling, diiamond grinding discs, diamond wheels
Norseman Drill & Tool - drills, taps, dies, annular cutters, specialty cutting tools
Western Tap Manufacturing - special taps, dies, and gages, acme taps, multiple lead taps
Widell Industries - special taps and dies, thread plug and thread ring gages, self-locking thread taps

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